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AtaÖZ textile, produces and imports textile accessories, as well as selling garments, brooches, laces and many textile accessories to Turkey and many European countries. It makes deliveries easily and smoothly to many countries directly from Turkey and China. In addition to this, we are a solution partner in low cost and efficiency with high production capacity.


We are the biggest lace fabric and textile accessory importer in Turkey. In Guangzhou / China (Ataöz International), we have our own office and our own production team. In Guangzhou, there are millions of stock depots made of thousands of different drawings. We also import different textiles and clothing accessories from China. This vertical work also adds strength to our apparel production capabilities.

In knitwear, average monthly production is 700.000 pieces. In addition, we offer rich and high capacity with co-production of brood, lace and accessories both in China and Turkey.

Our Vision

  Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.  

  • AtaÖZ Fabrics & Confection

ataÖZ Brode

We have factories in Çorlu, Adapazarı and China, which produces its own fabrics. With the great deal of expertise and production capacity in this area, we produce brooches, sweeps, tulips, velles, pentamats, collars and all kinds of bands. This vertical production possibility reflects a strong production line in terms of delivery date and price.






  • AtaÖZ Fabrics & Confection

ataÖZ Exports

We are one of the biggest importer of stitched strips, coats, embroideries and textile accessories products in Turkey. In Guangzhou and Hong Kong / China (Ataöz International), we have our own office and our own production team.

In Guangzhou, we make high quantity production together with high stockings. We are also importing textile and apparel accessories from China. This vertical work gives us a strategic strenght.
  • AtaÖZ Fabrics & Confection

ataÖZ Lace - Sequin - Fabrics

We have our own production line and fasonal band of nylon, polyester, cotton, cotton nylon blended, material lace and sequin fabrics. Now we are able to store high stocks of fabrics with considerable short lead times.
  • AtaÖZ Fabrics & Confection

ataÖZ Confection

With the experience we got from garment production, our specialized specialised team became one of the best in its area. We work with big brands in local markets, especially in Spain and Germany; Competitive prices, high quality products and shorter lead times are our utmost priority.
  • AtaÖZ Fabrics & Confection


Main Office

(+90) 212 677 76 00

(+90) 212 677 76 12 (FAX)


Keresteciler Sitesi, Şimşir Sokak, No. 15

Merter - Istanbul - Turkey

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Ataöz Textile is one of the leading garments and fabric manufacturer in Turkey.
Vertical production lines that give us great power helps us to offer our customers an extraordinary service.

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